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Ophthalmology at 168极速赛车计划官网赛车lotto开奖记录 OT&P
Perfecting sight, enhancing vision.
Urology at OT&P
Leading the way in urological health.
Cardiology at OT&P
Guarding hearts, enhancing lives.

168极速赛车官网-168极速赛车计划官网赛车lotto开奖记录 Best-in-Class, Fully Integrated Healthcare Clinic Group in Hong Kong

Get healthcare support from a team of highly respected general practitioners and specialists, with clinics operating at the highest degree of standards.

Popular Patient Services

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幸运赛车几点开奖-开奖结果、开奖公告、全国开奖、开奖信息 Established in 1994, OT&P is one of Hong Kong’s leading 168极速赛车官网 healthcare providers. Our founding partners, Dr Tim Trodd and Dr David Owens, established the first clinic in Wanchai. Today, OT&P operates across seven clinics, covering multiple specialities with more than 80 medical professionals, supported by a staff of over 200.

Holistic Care for You & Your Family

General Practice & Family Medicine

General health and preventative medicine for you and your family. We offer a holistic approach to optimise your wellness.

Child’s Health & Paediatrics

Ensure your child’s healthy development from birth to late teens

We have a diverse team of paediatricians, midwives, therapists and psychologists, covering a full range of health services dedicated to a child's needs.

Annerley Maternity Packages

Special package regarding public hospital births

In response to the current restrictions affecting public hospital births in Hong Kong. OT&P 168极速赛车官网 Healthcare has arranged capped cost for maternity delivery packages with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. We hope this will make the option of a private hospital birth accessible to as many expectant women as possible.

Platinum Wellness Medical Package

An all-encopassing medical examination that looks at how your body functions and evaluates how your lifestyle has altered your overall health.

Hong Kong Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an essential part of preventive healthcare. They help lessen the risk of illnesses while also protect us from the complications of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Aesthetics & Wellness

1分钟极速赛车168官网 OT&P Aesthetics and Wellness is a multidisciplinary, fully integrated team that looks after your overall health and wellbeing. Our services are medically led and we examine your inner and outer health and wellbeing.

1分钟极速赛车168官网 OT&P Specialists have admission rights to the world renowned private hospitals in Hong Kong.

They regularly perform surgeries at the likes of Hong Kong Sanitorium, Hong Kong Adventist, Matilda, Canossa and Gleneagles Hospital. As the patient, you can decide what location is most convenient and comfortable for you.


Featured News & Resources

Your Trusted Provider of Medical Services in Hong Kong

We strive to hire the best doctors and take on challenges to increase the availability of our services to many more patients in Hong Kong. We have, and always will, deliver our services with uncompromising quality at the highest standards.

You’re Covered

We have established over 35 direct billing agreements with insurance companies for a seamless payment experience. Just present your insurance card, and the clinic staff will take care of the rest.

Embracing Digital

We have transitioned from paper notes and registration forms to tablet devices and electronic consultation records to ease your process from check-in to payments.

Dedicated Pharmacy

1分钟极速赛车168官网 OT&P Healthcare is the holder of a wholesale pharmacy licence. Our skilled pharmacy team can efficiently source drugs, manage stock and dispense medication to patients at each of our clinics.

Our International Standards & Accreditations

1分钟极速赛车168官网 OT&P is the first clinic in Hong Kong to achieve international accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. OT&P 168极速赛车官网 Healthcare has also been recognised by the Caring Company Scheme.

Our Social Responsibility Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to uplift the Hong Kong community has always been at the core of OT&P. We are always willing to share our medical knowledge and expertise to spread awareness about healthcare.

56 Full-time 168极速赛车官网 Healthcare Professionals

Our priority is to help individuals in Hong Kong to enhance and optimise their health by providing easy access to top-quality practitioners.

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Manage your bookings and stay informed about the latest news in health with OT&P 168极速赛车官网 Healthcare anywhere you are.
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OT&P’s COVID-19 Resource Centre

We believe sharing comprehensible and easily accessible information about COVID-19 can help bring awareness and understanding to the public. Visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre to find out more about this topic.

COVID-19 Resource Centre